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Accelerate your business

Business & Finance Training Designed Specifically For Contractors.

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ABOUT High Performing

High Performing Contractor was created to help contractors succeed in the areas of business, finance, leadership, and strategy.  We are a company that has been built on the foundation of relating with business owners in the construction industry, through our own experience as business owners in the construction industry.


What makes a contractor High Performing is their belief that they exist for a greater cause and that those around them will be better for what they do. Their sole purpose is not the work they do or the company they run, but the Impact it has on others.

Joseph Toppi

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It is every business owner's desire to be successful and profitable.


So why do so many struggle?
Why is the success rate of a new business only 10%?
Why do most spend more than they make?


It is all do to what they know - or don't know - about money! It all has to do with their Financial Mindset!

Joseph does a great job of breaking down and looking at all areas of your business. He was valuable in helping us navigate through Covid and its challenges. If you could use a coach or want to drill down to see where your business can improve, don't hesitate to reach out and see what Joseph can do for you.

Jeremy isted


Adding Construction Numbers Mastery to your business will accelerate your financial success. 


Construction Numbers Mastery provides instructional and informational videos on how to expose the company's true costs and expenses, and using data to provide company numbers like margin, mark-up, and bid volume. 


It walks you through a deep dive into the company's...

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Have employees? How much are they costing you? If you can't answer that, then how do you know what you are charging is enough? Download your FREE Employee Cost Worksheet!

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